Lyco PHENOL™ Capsules
60 capsules rich in Lycopene & polyphenols

Hion Research Ltd

Lyco PHENOL is an advanced Lycopene & Polyphenol-rich daily food supplement that contains a scientifically researched blend of 6 ultra-pure, nutrient-dense, food ingredients.

Precision blended & encapsulated in the United Kingdom, Lyco PHENOL is a convenient & powerful way to dramatically increase your daily intake of Lycopene & natural plant-based Polyphenols.

Each pouch contains 60 Vegan capsules each individually delivering 550mg of Hion’s ultra-pure ingredients.

Whole Tomato 270mg
Lycopene Extract 185mg
Green Tea Extract (22:1) 35mg
Watermelon 20mg
Peppermint Leaves 20mg
Whole Crushed Cloves 20mg

According to recent nutritional analysis cloves & peppermint are now considered to have the highest Polyphenol counts of any foods. By blending these 2 nutritional powerhouses with an improved 22:1, Green Tea Extract (with a 95% Polyphenol count, 70% Catechins & 45% EGCG) along with Tomato & our ultra-pure Lycopene extract, Lyco PHENOL is the only supplement delivering Lycopene and polyphenols in a single capsule.

Directions for use: 

Simply take 2-3 capsules per day.

Depending on the quality of your diet on that particular day, you can increase or decrease your dose accordingly.

If you are interested in other ways of improving your daily diet, please visit our recipes & ideas page! to see some fantastic recipes & ideas.


As with any food supplement, seek professional advice before using, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medication. This product is not a substitute for a balanced & varied diet. It is best consumed as a part of your daily diet, these capsules are designed to help you to meet specific nutritional needs, but do not claim to provide treatment for medical conditions. Keep out of sight & reach of children.



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What is Lyco PHENOL?
Lyco PHENO Lis a convenient way to dramatically increase your daily intake of natural Lycopene & plant-based Polyphenols.


What does Lyco PHENOL taste like?

Lyco PHENOL has no taste when it is inside the capsule. The powder inside the Vegan capsule has a slightly spicy, earthy, wholesome taste with a slightly tangy edge.

The key to our product quality is that we REFUSE TO ADD any flavourings (natural or synthetic), fillers, bulking agents, additives or synthetic vitamins.


Does Lyco PHENOL contain any allergens?
No, it is free from allergens, as well as being completely non-GM! We test every single ingredient that may carry a risk of allergens prior to production. Our high standards are not required by law, but going above and beyond is what sets us apart from the rest.
How has Hion achieved Vegan certification?

We have developed a Vegan & Vegetarian capsule that has a robust outer casing that is strong enough to contain 550mg of powerful, plant-based ingredients, yet delicate enough not to interfere with the ingredients upon digestion.

Is Lyco PHENOL organic?

No. We test both organic and non-organic ingredients when designing our products and select those with higher nutritional values and lower levels of toxins. Some are organic, some aren't. While the idea of Organic produce sounds great it currently does not always offer the best option for our products.

Is Lyco PHENOL suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes Lyco PHENOL has been certified by the vegan society and we are proud to display The Vegan Society logo on our packaging.

Can I take Lyco PHENOL while receiving Chemotherapy treatment?

We are unable to offer medical advise so please consult your doctor prior to taking Lyco PHENOL. Keep in mind that Prosta PHENOL is manufactured purely from food ingredients and can be considered an addition to your daily diet.

Can I take Lyco PHENOL when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Always consult your doctor before making any alterations to your diet when pregnant or breastfeeding. Please note that the ingredient Green Tea Extract in Lyco PHENOL contains naturally occurring caffeine. 

Can Lyco PHENOL be taken by children?

We do not recommend it. Lyco PHENOL contains naturally occurring caffeine in the Green Tea Extract ingredient.

Can I take Lyco PHENOL with other vitamins & minerals?

Yes. While we do not recommend synthetic vitamins, it is safe to take Lyco PHENOL while doing so. Certain vitamins are fat-soluble (Vitamins A, D, E & K) and as such we recommend that you do not take them in excess as your body will store them. Please also note that many multi-vitamin tablets contain synthetic vitamin substitutes, bulking agents, stabilisers and other chemicals! Lyco PHENOL & all of our products do not contain any of these.

Can Lyco PHENOL be added to food?

Yes. Lyco PHENOL is the perfect addition to smoothies or smoothy bowls, but please be “gentle” if you are adding it to hot food. We recommend that if you add it to hot food, add it towards the end of cooking so as not to damage any of the nutrients by overheating.

When is the best time of the day to take Lyco PHENOL?

Lyco PHENOL can be taken at any time of the day.

To increase nutrient uptake, we advise taking Lyco PHENOL during or directly after food. Combining it with food slows down the rate at which it is digested, thus increasing the overall nutrient uptake. However, you can take Lyco PHENOL on an empty stomach without any issues.
Why do Hion Research believe Lyco PHENOL is better than other capsules on the market?

Lyco PHENOL is the only capsule designed to increase the intake of both Lycopene and Polyphenols, both of which are derived from multiple plant-based sources.

Can Lyco PHENOL be used long term or will I need to take a break?

Lyco PHENOL is a food supplement that should be used alongside your regular daily diet. It contains no chemicals and as such we believe it can be taken long-term and shouldn’t cause any issues.

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