Ultra Fine Superfood Powders

When it comes to sourcing Ultra Fine Superfoods that support being healthy from the inside out - "we've got it in the bag".


As you may already know we love high quality Ingredients & there is no room for compromise when it comes to the quality of our individual Superfoods. Our market leading Green & Purple Powder took us many years to prefect & in our quest for perfection we have sourced, tested & analysed some of the worlds most nutritionally dense & exceptionally powerful Superfoods.

During that development process the team at Hion left no stone unturned & spent many years testing the purity & reliability of these ingredients using some of the most up to date scientific & nutritional analysis.

This intense testing & research has resulted in us having what we believe to be some of the most effective individual Superfood ingredients available on the market today.

Now is the perfect time to release the individual nutritional powerhouses out into the public domain so we can demonstrate that all ingredients by the same name are not equal!