About Us


Team Hion are a passionate group of individuals who are all driven by a desire for excellence, a passion for purity & a commitment to living life to the full. We believe it is important to Love Life, Live Healthy & Be Happy.......That philosophy is what we call "PURE LIVING".

Our individual and team commitment to PURE LIVING transfers into everything we do & it is this approach to life that motivates us to become the best health, nutrition & wellbeing company on the market today.

We all come from varied backgrounds, but all have some form of link to either nutrition, sports excellence, human performance, science or food & nutrition analysis. Having the right background or experience on its own is not enough to join our team, you have to have the right drive, determination & commitment to making the most of life.

Between us we have a wealth of knowledge, as well as an immense personal & professional passion for what we do. What that means for you is that we will ultimately be sifting through the rubbish, filtering out the fads and delivering the best of the best to our customers. Not just because it makes business sense to do this, but because it makes sense morally & ethically! 

Still reading & not bored yet? Here's a bit of history.........

Hion did not initially start out as a business idea........It was started due to a combination of necessity & frustration which resulted in a desire & a need for drastic change. 

One day, (quite a few years ago) some of us were discussing the work we were undertaking with a range of professional athletes & all simultaneously agreed that we were not seeing the results our clients deserved from their current nutrition & supplement suppliers.

Like many people, we were already pretty sceptical of the nutrition & supplementation market, which led us to dig a little deeper and carry out our own research & analysis (making sure not to simply rely on the research that was paid for by the manufacturers). The more we dug, the further we researched & the more layers we peeled back, the more we were amazed, surprised, disappointed & shocked at what we discovered!

As our research progressed we realised that we desperately needed a nutrition & supplementation supplier that could be trusted & one that would have higher standards as well as one that would do the necessary research to manufacture products that actually worked (ahead of profit & greed). So over a few glasses of (organic) cider we decided that enough was enough & as the old saying goes......If you want something done properly, do it yourself. So we did & Hion was born!

We took the challenge very seriously & decided that anything we did had to work in parallel with our belief in making the most of life. By keeping that belief as one of the main motivating factors it means we have an immense "ethical" driving force behind everything we do.

Once the purpose & beliefs of our business were set in stone we proceeded to invest heavily into testing other peoples products, we heavily researched the market & started to develop our own products.......without a cheesy marketing plan in site! Our initial product plan was (& still is) to create products that are completely revolutionary & work better than anything else we had seen or used before.

When we develop our products we are only guided by the facts as we find them & not by clever marketing & cyclical phases, fad diets or unproven nutritional nonsense......In other words our products are developed to work, not to simply look good on the shelf in the hope that you will buy them! 

If you can visualise a group of individuals who are passionate about life, who practice what they preach & who are constantly striving to learn & push the boundaries of personal performance on a nutritional, physiological & psychological level..... that is us!

We'd love you to join us on our social media pages & be part of something exciting.

Love Life - Live Healthy - BE Happy - PURE LIVING.