The difference between something good & something great is the attention to detail!
As you may have noticed by our packaging & by our website we love detail! As a customer of ours, we believe you should have the right to detail if you want it.


Here at Hion we like to think differently; not because we like to be different, but because we like to be better. We believe it is extremely important to constantly challenge the status quo & question everything. As both a brand & as a revolutionary manufacturer, we feel it is our ethical & moral responsibility to challenge & improve upon everything we currently know about the health, fitness, nutrition & wellbeing markets. We are driven by perfection & strive for constant development, which means Hion are always ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding functional ingredients & developing cutting-edge Superfoods.


As a result of our immense desire for perfection, we are always up to date with the latest health, fitness, medical & nutritional research & developments. We are forever sifting through the latest scientific, medical & nutritional reports, as well as researching all the latest fad diets & testing all the latest Superfood ingredients. By operating in a very factual manner Hion can establish the "real" truth behind many of today's claims, which helps to ensure we develop supplements that create reals results by using only the very best ingredients available.


Over the years we have built a vast amount of knowledge that allows us to understand exactly what it takes to manufacture the purest & most effective superfoods on the market today. Unlike some manufacturers, we do not simply follow the latest crazes & we certainly don't try to bamboozle or confuse the customer with clever marketing; instead Hion is driven by a deep-rooted purpose & desire to challenge & improve the health, nutrition & fitness markets as they currently stand. We have taken it as our personal responsibility to set new standards, raise expectations & offer everyone a scientifically proven & exceptionally high-quality alternative to healthy, functional nutrition. It is this passion, purpose & drive that results in us developing all the tools needed to be able to develop, design & manufacture extremely high quality, market leading Superfoods that always achieve a wide range of scientifically proven results. By having an ethical & moral purpose behind what we do, it means that the health & quality conscious customers finally have a brand they can 100% trust & rely on.


We do not follow in the footsteps of other manufacturers, instead we create our own path & leave a trail of standards so high they cannot compete!



This may sound like a negative way to start, but we believe the key to perfection is to trust nothing, question everything & try to prepare for the unexpected. When we develop our Superfoods we always use scientific fact to guide our decisions, we use the most advanced nutritional analysis to pick our ingredients & we always work explicitly within very strict European guidelines. Our approach to product development may all seem very distrusting or maybe a little over the top when compared to other manufacturers, but we have learned through many years of experience that in order to be the best, you have to set your own standards, manage your own expectations & make no room for compromise. If we only did what others before us have done, we'd only get the same results!


Research & Development: Our product development process involves a very detailed & very strict research & development phase. This can often involve many months or even years of in-depth study, testing & hard work. We always refer to & review a wide range of all the latest & most relevant nutritional, medical & scientific research to help guide our decisions. Once we have covered a wide range of topics we will decipher what seems relevant, factual, proven & reliable & we progress all the relevant details to the next stage. At this point, we will run multiple “theoretical” test blends using our bespoke software & nutritional profiling tools. These tests will help us to establish the blended Superfoods potential nutritional profiles, functionality & capabilities, as well as help us to determine the products expected consumer benefits & potential results. This product profiling allows us to narrow down a smaller short-list of the ingredients which will then be taken forward to be further developed in our early-stage trial blends & testing phase.


Ingredient Quality: Every ingredient we use is always tested & analysed for freshness, purity, quality & toxins. To keep all our analysis neutral & unbiased we only use the UK’s most reputable & reliable nutritional laboratories. To ensure our nutritional profiles are accurate we will only test & analyse our real ingredients. Unlike some manufacturers, we refuse to choose our nutritional profiles from “generally recognised values” (which is basically a book of the expected nutritional values for certain ingredients). This “real time” nutritional analysis allows us to know exactly what are the higher quality, more reliable ingredients, rather than what ingredients look good in a book. This "true" analysis also helps us to better understand who are the higher quality & more reliable farmers, growers & ingredient manufacturers. As part of our quality control, we insist that each individual ingredient has its own detailed Technical Dossier & Certificate of Analysis. This detailed analysis & associated documentation covers a range of criteria including analysis for toxins, heavy metals, yeasts, moulds, bacteria & allergens, as well as intolerance information, manufacturing processes, manufacturing dates & BBE dates. This level of detail & analysis is considered exceptional both within & outside of our industry!


Blending, Bagging & Shipping: To ensure our Superfoods achieve perfection at every stage of the process we test, blend, bag & ship using only the most reliable & most reputable UK based manufacturing facilities & service providers. We use A-grade BRC (British Retail Consortium) facilities which are extremely well regulated & used by the likes of Waitrose! As part of our rigorous quality control process all our ingredients are tested & inspected upon arrival into this country, they are micro tested again at the blending facility & tested again prior to being hand filled into the pouches. Once they are in the pouches they are sealed, date & batch stamped, ran through a metal detector & then checked again by quality control where each batch number is registered for tracking purposes. Our standards are so exceptionally high throughout every part of our process, that we believe we may actually have some of the highest testing & manufacturing standards of any nutritional product in any country!


As you may have noticed from reading the above information, we have no room for compromise! We aim high, work hard & expect big things from ourselves. As a consequence, our products are always of the highest quality, which is why they achieve outstanding results! We surround ourselves with the best in the business & as such we are always learning, progressing, developing & improving. Even if we did believe we were already the best in the business, there is no way we would ever stop evolving & pushing the standards even higher!


As a consumer you buy products like Superfoods, Super Greens, Weight Management Supplements, Vitamins & Proteins etc to help you become the best version of you……& rightfully so, these types of supplements are designed, manufactured & marketed as products that will ultimately help you achieve better results than you would without using them. You are working hard, so you want to make sure you obtain the maximum return from any time & effort you are putting into improving & making the most of your life. It could be that you are making a fresh start, that you are already a disciplined health addict or that you have an intrigue to see how Superfoods can enhance your overall health & wellbeing. Whatever your motivation, as a paying consumer you have the right to honesty, which in turn will enable you to be able to choose a "partner", manufacturer & or brand that you can 100% trust & rely on. If you are going to part with your hard earned money & make a commitment to yourself, you have an absolute right to expect Supplements of the highest quality, as well as ones that are going to help you achieve real results & noticeable health gains, without any risk to health!! The problem is what ones are safe to trust????


The whole reason Hion was set-up in the first place was that our own negative experiences were showing us it was time for things to be done properly. In our previous lives, prior to the launch of Hion we were all abundantly aware that the general health, fitness & nutrition markets were not delivering upon their promises. The quality of the products available to the consumer were generally sub-standard & the expected & promised results were just not happening. We all know that sports & nutritional supplements are there to "supplement" your daily diet, & we also know that the results you see will be determined by many other variables such as your general diet, your exercise regime (or lack of), any genetic predispositions or even in certain circumstances what mood you are in, but some of the products that are on the market today are simply not good enough & in many instances are downright dangerous!!


There are many regulatory bodies in place to help protect the consumer from the outlandish & extreme miracle claims certain product manufacturers make, but as you've probably already guessed many manufacturers, brands & individuals take no notice of these regulations & make all sorts of claims without any regard for the regulations or more importantly to the customers health. Here at Hion we pride ourselves on developing Superfoods that are proven by science but powered by nature. By working within these extremely strict guidelines & regulations, we have to set extremely high standards & work extremely hard to achieve the necessary proof that allows us to make reference to any of the proven European nutrition & health claims. All Superfoods are not equal!


Examples of regulations we must follow can be found below:


EU Register of Nutrition & Health Claims: When food business operators market their products, they wish to be able to highlight the particular beneficial effects of the products in relation to health & nutrition on the product label or in its advertising. Union rules on nutrition & health claims have been established by Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 as a legal framework for such product-related communications. The Regulation started to apply as of 1 July 2007. The rules of the Regulation apply to nutrition claims (such as "low fat", "high fibre") & to health claims (such as "Vitamin D is needed for the normal growth & development of bone in children"). The objective of those rules is to ensure that any claim made on a food’s labeling, presentation or advertising in the European Union is clear, accurate & based on scientific evidence. Food bearing claims that could mislead consumers are prohibited on the EU market. This not only protects consumers but also promotes innovation & ensures fair competition. The rules ensure the free circulation of foods bearing claims, as any food company may use the same claims on its products anywhere in the European Union. There are different procedures managed by the Commission for the various types of claims, with regard to their authorisation.


Food Standards Agency: The FSA promotes the microbiological safety of food throughout the food chain. It is responsible for the strategy for reducing foodborne illness, promoting a hazard analysis-based approach to food safety management & providing guidance for producers, retailers, caterers & the general public. It also deals with microbiological food hazards & outbreaks of foodborne disease.


BRC Global Standards (British Retail Consortium): BRC Global Standards is a leading safety & quality certification programme, used by over 22,000 certificated suppliers in 123 countries, with certification issued through a worldwide network of accredited certification bodies. The Standards guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety & operational criteria & ensure that manufacturers fulfill their legal obligations & provide protection for the end consumer. BRC Global Standards are now often a fundamental requirement of leading retailers. The Standard is divided into seven sections:

1. Senior Management Commitment & Continual Improvement For any food safety system to be effective it’s essential the senior management team is fully committed to its application & continued development.

2. The Food Safety Plan (HACCP) The basis for the Food Safety System is an effective HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) program based on the requirements of the internationally recognised Codex Alimentarius system.

3. Food Safety & Quality Management System Sets out requirements for the management of food safety & quality, building upon the principles of ISO 9000. This includes requirements for product specifications, supplier approval, traceability, & the management of incidents & product recalls.

4. Site Standards Sets out expectations for the production environment including the layout & maintenance of the buildings & equipment, cleaning, pest control, waste management & foreign body controls.

5. Product Control Includes the requirements for product design & development stage including allergen management, product & ingredient provenance, product packaging & product inspection & testing.

6. Process Control Includes the establishment & maintenance of safe process controls, weight/volume control & equipment calibration, & ensures the documented HACCP plan is put into practice.

7. Personnel Sets out the standards needed for staff training, protective clothing & personal hygiene.


As you are starting to learn, HION’s superfoods & natural supplements are of the highest quality. They are developed with purpose & tested to ensure high levels of safety - this allows you to remain focused on what you want to achieve. We will provide you with the tools to help you achieve PURE LIVING, but it is down to you to decide what that means to you. Love Life - Live Healthy - Be Happy!


Doing what you like is freedom - Loving what you do is PURE LIVING.


We ask you to clear your mind for a moment......Forget the modern day marketing techniques, shrug off all the overpromising & under delivering fad diets & ignore the human minds natural desire for the quick fix! It's time for many us to hit the reset button, rethink our priorities & realign our expectations.

What we are about to say may sound a little counterproductive, considering we are a supplement manufacturer, but health, wellbeing & nutrition are all parts of life; they do not define it. Life is for living & as far as we know you only get one shot, so we should all make the most of it. We believe you should be healthy whenever you can, be kind to yourself & others, make the right choices, work hard, have discipline & try new things, but never at the expense of being happy.

We want you to enjoy the journey of PURE LIVING, which is why one of our key goals as a brand is to reach a point where our customers don’t have to spend time thinking about nutrition & supplementation, because they can come straight to Hion knowing that whatever we do, we will be doing it exactly as it should be done.

Love Life - Live Healthy - Be Happy:
By now, you may have noticed we mention PURE LIVING quite often. That’s because we 100% believe in the principle of living a pure & purposeful life. The Oxford English Dictionary definition of pure is “Without any extraneous and unnecessary elements” & “Free of any contamination”. The key to Pure Living is to discover what PURE means to you & then you need to spend some decent time & effort trying to achieve it!

Make time to think about what’s important:
How much time do you put into considering what is REALLY IMPORTANT in your life? It is our belief that many people would actually spend more time choosing a new wallpaper colour than they would thinking about what type of person they would like to become! When you spend some quality time thinking about your real priorities, others things will seem to fall in place. If you come to a considered & purposeful conclusion that health & vitality is a fundamentally important element of the life you want to live, the whole discipline & motivation thing becomes much easier. You will no longer be constantly trying to create a healthy habit because through understanding what is important in your life, living healthy will simply become your lifestyle.

Feel from the inside out, not the outside in:
Things in life aren’t always the way they seem. With the rapid boom of social media & smarter marketing techniques, it is now very easy to believe that certain things in life should come to you much faster than they do in reality. The reality is lots of the cover models you see are taking drugs, many of the claims made by supplement manufacturers just aren’t true & many of the people who spread their “happy lives” all over social media are actually quite often miserable! Do not get dragged into thinking that what you see is reality. Whatever you decide to do do it for yourself. Do things that create a feeling of self-satisfaction & pride & generate positive feelings from the inside out.

Believe in better & expect more:
Do not let the modern day market of convenience be what manages your life & determines your preferences. Do not pick from what is most readily available, instead decide what you want & go out to get it. Our research has shown us that some cases of depression, anxiety & obesity have been created because there is actually too much choice available. When something is hard to get or if something takes effort & discipline you often get to feel an immense sense of self-satisfaction when it has been completed. Every day you can achieve this feeling by doing things as simple as cooking a healthy meal, preparing a healthy lunch for tomorrow, helping someone else, learning something new, trying something for the first time….the list goes on.

Seek out the truth:
Where possible let the facts be your guide. Do not be led by over-complication, misdirection or clever marketing. When it comes to health, wellbeing & nutrition be guided by the factual research, nutritional analysis & real life results. The best people to talk to are the ones who have achieved what you would like to achieve. They have learned lessons, know what works for them & will have a wealth of knowledge to pass on. Take what knowledge they have, try it out & see if it works for you. Here at Hion we will never be too proud to keep learning, keep evolving & keep asking questions.

We all know that time is not put on hold whilst you make your mind up about what you want from life. Unfortunately, time has no appreciation of your current situation, it does not care if your excuses are real, or if your reasons for not doing something is simply procrastination or if your reasons are justified. You know time will not wait for you & that it will carry on regardless. If you are going to do something, you must DO IT FOR YOURSELF, or if that's not enough reason, do it for a purpose greater than yourself! Take some time to think about what you want to do or at least think about what you would enjoy doing & get on with it. If you are struggling to know what you want or struggling to know what to do, don't worry about it. Do something positive anyway. All we would say is that whatever you decide to do, do it well & ENJOY IT.


Love Life - Live Healthy - Be Happy.........& enjoy the journey.